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The counseling platform for Pastors, Counselors, and Lay-leaders

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Our system enables you to assign several counselors, and advocates to your cases. And with security, you can allow just the right people to access each case.


Forget about managing your cases in spreadsheets. Our platform is specially designed to manage the various needs of counselors, everywhere and anywhere.


Let's face it. We don't all have dedicated administrative and technical support resources we can call on at any time. So we've made Soulcare Online easy to use for anyone without any technical skills.


Manage personal and marriage cases

Soulcare Online allows you to easily manage your counseling cases and gives you an easy to use inteface to find and update cases.

In the case where couples are being counseled, two cases can be created and linked together for easy access.

Cases include Notes, Consent Forms, Personal Information History, Life Story Forms, Advocate Information, Session Notes, Homework, Documents and more.


Just like a good coffee, it's just what you need first thing in the morning.

Our dashboard brings together just what you need to start off your day right.

It gives you a breakdown of all your cases by campus, and lets you know how may sessions have been scheduled in the current week..

The dashboard also lists all your cases by status so you know how you're doing, and moving your counselees though the counseling process. It also provides quick access to the 3 most recently edited cases.


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