Case Status

This is where you can edit the basic information about a referral and most importantly change its status. The status indicates the state of the referral and moves it though the counseling process.

Referral Statuses

Forms In-Progress - Counselee is notified and invited to login to complete counseling forms
Waitlist - Forms are complete & awaiting availability of a counselor
Active - Forms Complete and advance to active counseling
Suspended - Counselee unresponsive or no show
Complete - Counseling is terminated

Consent To Counsel

The consent forms allows the counselee to electronically sign consent to your terms of service, fee structure, and advocacy policy. 

Personal Data Information

This are includes a comprehensive form that allows the counselee to enter a host of information related to their history, background, habits etc., information that will assist you as you move through the counseling process.

Homework Assignments

This area allows you to upload homework assignments in the form of documents, or you can use our homework builder tool to create any kind of electronic form that saves and tracks the completion progress of assignments, and notifies you when it's done!

Integration With Planning Center

We are in the processing of completing our Planning Center integration with the Soulcare System. Right now, when you create a new case, it will display matching names from Planning Center so you don't have to re-type their profile information. We are continuing to expand our PCO integration. Please let us know if there's something you'd like to see integrated!

SMS Interface

We're taking this platform to a whole new level with our SMS Integration. Among things, anyone that has access to a referral can post notes into the chat area via text message. This and other features makes our platform even more accessible when you're on the go. This is done through our sister product textconnect.

So Much More

There's so much more. From the Life Story form to the Administrator only notes, Progress Notes, Advocate Forms, Timelines, Availability Calendar and more, the system is packed with relevant features designed to help you effectively manage your case load.